Our Business Model

The services we provide under the apparel supply chain servicing segment primarily include product design and development, fashion trend ascertaining and sampling, raw material sourcing, production order and merchandise sourcing management, quality control, packaging, inventory management and logistics management. Hence, A wide range of woven wear, cut-and-sewn knitwear and sweater knitwear products for men and women are being produced under the services we provide for our customers, which products are sold in a number of countries in different continents and are primarily owners and agents of global reputable brands that are widely-known to the general public.

We usually develop products for our customers and custom-make our woven wear, cut-and-sewn knitwear and sweater knitwear products according to their seasonal apparel collections to be offered. Once our designs are finalised and prototypes have been approved by our customers, we allocate in whole or part of the production orders to manufacturers according to their production capabilities and capacities. Finished products are then delivered to the designated warehouses or retail outlets of our customers. A strict quality control system and a set of in-house quality standards, which encompasses the design, development, production and procurement stages, are established to demonstrate our commitment to quality control and maintenance of the high quality of the products produced under the services we provide.